Camille Neibert

Camille Neibert

Founder & CEO Designs By Camille

Daughter. Wife. Mother. Friend. Artist. Designer. Creator. 

The art that has become Designs By Camille, began only three years ago. It was, to that date, the hardest and most difficult time in my life. Additional grief and loss during the following two years came. It was profound and consuming at times. I wasn’t sure if I would ever find my joy again.

One day, I was working in my garage in Iowa, on a wretchedly hot and humid day, going through boxes of memories and things. Grief in the form of tears, pouring out of me. I saw in my garage an old Iowa farmhouse scrap and had the thought, “I’ll bet I could paint my mom’s favorite flowers on that!”

And so it began.

I painted the joy I felt in being a daughter to the best mom in the world. I painted the joy I felt in being her only girl. I painted the joy I felt in having a lifetime of laughter with her.

I painted and painted and painted. I painted until the tears didn’t sting. I painted through each difficult and grief filled experience that came next… and next, and next.

Today, I paint ‘beauty for ashes because of all I have been given in this beautiful world. The people, the love, the light, the dark, the pain, all of it. It is all part of today’s joy.

I am humbled to be able to share my work. It is my hope that you can feel the beauty in living as you experience my work.

We moved to Hurricane, Utah 17 months ago. The sunshine and the people have been a gift to us. We lived away from family for 21 years in Iowa, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Michigan, to be specific. Moving back West has been a delightful experience! We love Southern Utah!

Madilin Welch

Madilin Welch

Team Member & Website Manager Designs By Camille

Daughter. Wife. Yogi. Calligrapher. Technology Guru. Dog-Mom. 

Madilin’s earliest memories is when she and her mother would sit on the driveway and chalk for hours. Day after day she would urge her mother to come and draw. Most often, Camille did the bulk of the drawings while Madilin watched eagerly. Those early moments spurred a love of doodling, word art, and eventually calligraphy.

Madilin now has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and has continued to grow as an artist in her community in Pocatello, Idaho. She is pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams as her husband works through graduate school. She teaches yoga in her community and online, as well as making custom calligraphy pieces for homes, businesses, and events. She is passionate, fiery, dedicated, and driven.

She is a valued member of the DbC (Designs by Camille) team because, as Camille has said, “I don’t care what happens, as long as I don’t have to do technology!”

Let’s Create!