“Behind all your stories is your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.”

– Mitch Albom

Sunny St. George

In a recent change of scenery, Camille reconnected with her creativity by bringing new pieces to life. Using technology, she has been able to digitally print and sell her designs on cards, bookmarks, larger framed works, and other paper products in addition to her ever growing commissioned pieces.  Enjoy this gallery filled with some of her creations. To purchase, visit the Facebook page.

Vintage Art Pieces

In the search for the perfect pieces to add to her home, Camille discovered some old gems. While they were special in their own way, adding her artistic touch was the way to showcase them best. Enjoy this gallery filled with an array of items, in a variety of styles.

On The Canvas

Creativity came to life on the canvas as winter rolled around. While living in Iowa, Camille channeled her imaginative output through brushes, markers, pens, and more. The possibilities became endless to her, and now she continues to create on the canvas year round. Feel free to thumb through these pieces and enjoy the various mediums and styles.

Let’s Create!