How about a fun post?! One for the collector in us all, no matter the kind we collect….

Camille has an upcoming December wedding! In memory of her mother, who never owned a piece of plastic or Tupperware, and served everything on glass or china (even leftovers), she organized a hot cocoa bar! Kathy had tea (hot cocoa) parties with her granddaughters all the time as they were growing up! It is a beautiful memory for the family. Camille is beyond grateful that those attending the wedding get to remember her mother, and bring part of who she was to this wedding, even though Kathy won’t be there.

And with that….operation mismatched cups, mugs, and saucers has been put into action! It has been a blast collecting! Camille did an inventory of sorts. It involved some sorting and organizing last night. She is very excited for this project to come to fruition. Stay tuned!